How It All Began

Founded in 2002 by MaryAnn McGeady, Pauline Miles and Kathryn Roy, the HoH highlights CWS programs that address the needs of Africa’s most vulnerable. Pauline and Kathryn first met in Senegal during a CWS trip in 1999.  After seeing first-hand the effectiveness of funds distributed by CWS through partnership and teamwork with local agencies, Pauline and Kathryn wanted to tell this story in Colorado.   After the tragedy of 9/11, MaryAnn shared her vision of an event that would build upon a common purpose for all faiths and cultures. Together, they created the Harvest of Hope.

In its twelfth year, the Harvest of Hope (HoH) has raised over $907,000 for CWS and local partners.

*Local Parter:
Women’s Bean Project (WBP)
Work Options for Women (WOW)
It Takes a Village (ITAV)
Ecumenical Refugee and Immigration Services (ERIS)

**Rounded to the nearest thousand.

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